back on island. (the happenings from friday to tuesday)

I flew back on island Friday, Nov. 15th, and as I slowly came across people I knew upon my return, they asked the same question: ‘Were you dreading the return back?’ The truth is, I really wasn’t. I’m really trying to have a positive spin on my return because now it means that I have less than three months remaining. I’ve got a new spin on things now since I finally had a vacation, and I’ve got a new attitude toward my workflow. I figure, if I bust my ass at work, go the extra mile, AND have a more positive outlook on things, it will make the rest of the time I have here a piece of delicious triple chocolate cake (with a scoop of ice cream.) I normally have a positive outlook on life to begin with, but sometimes the monotony of a deployment will dwindle that outlook.


That being said, it was a busy weekend with a few lazy points in between.

I attended a Masquerade Party Saturday night with a few friends and coworkers. The party was greatly decorated, the food was delish, and I even got up and danced -which is a big deal considering I’m the world’s worst dancer.



The following day, the boys and I hit the waves and went boating. It was literally the most perfect, beautiful day to be out on the water. We started out wake boarding – I didn’t partake-  and then headed out to ‘the cave.’ The water was great for snorkeling. If you’ve never snorkeled, get on it! It’s so peaceful… just looking down into the cerulean water and finding the most colorful fish, coming across the coolest rock formations and just concentrating on your breathing is the most peaceful thing (just try not to get a mouthful of salt water.)


one-piece swimsuit: jcrew | maxi-skirt: cotton-on | hat: my own (iowa hawkeyes)





Next, after squeezing in a quick nap, our team watched the second half of 60 Minutes’s special on Guantanamo Bay. It’s really cool to see because our team/my counterparts escorted the crew and coordinated the interviews and the tours of the facilities. It’s also really cool to watch the series and think ‘I’ve been there, I know exactly where that is, I know those people.’ Plus, it gets the story out on Guantanamo Bay, and some new footage, considering news centers replayed or reran footage from the early 2000’s. (AND now you can see that I’m not just on vacation all the time!) You can find the footage here.

Lastly, I really want to go into a story that I covered at work today, but I think since I’ve gone through enough topics in this post, I’ll leave it for next time. Instead, here’s a review on a lotion product I thought I would test out:


Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie (Shea Souffle) Body Lotion – $13.50 

This lotion, for dry to extra dry skin, contains no Parabens, no mineral oils, and no artificial colors. What I do like about this lotion is that it goes on really smoothly. I like most of the scents listed on the label (sweet marzipan, tonka bean, warm vanilla,) but it DOES contain cocoa butter, a smell that I really do not care for. I feel like this four ounce bottle, despite the size, will really last me a while though. Overall, I’m giving this lotion a three out of five. Like I said, I like the feel of it but if the cocoa butter was listed as an ingredient on the front of the label instead of the back, I wouldn’t have gotten it-just my personal preference.


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