deployment number two.

These last two weeks were strictly meant for me to r e l a x and t h i n k about nothing, w o r r y about nothing, e a t everything in the world and just not give a d a m n.

I am so happy that I made that decision. When coming home on leave from a deployment, I learn to appreciate the cold, winter air -especially if deployed to a hot location- that most grow  to dread. I look forward to sitting in my favorite booth at my favorite, hometown restaurant with my order already in mind (I’ll take the dinner for two, for one please.) I look forward to being able to paint my fingernails teal, taking advantage of the break from my uniform, and going shopping in a mall, trying on dresses and shoes (just don’t get me started on my Sephora and makeup addiction.)

Sometimes you expect to be pulled in every direction, everyone wanting to see you on their schedule and expecting you to just fall right back into place. But thankfully my family and close friends understood that being wrapped up in blankets, catching up on all the shows I’ve missed and drinking tea was the only thing I wanted to do (other then seeing them.)

This deployment is a lot different than my last, trading in combat gear and head-on-a-swivel actions for a garrison environment with families on base, but I won’t lie and say it’s been easy. It’s been difficult in different ways and that may be a good thing. I have a different perspective now, trying to pave my way as a noncommissioned officer but still learning how to be one at the same time. When people ask me about my time served, I have a lot to say but a simple “it’s been interesting,” does the trick and is completely truthful.

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Now I’m headed back, but thankfully only for a short while before my deployment is over. Upon my redeployment home, I’ll have about six months left in my contract. Although I’ve pretty much made my decision on whether or not to reenlist after seven years, I think I’ve finally accepted that my decision is okay, and it’s one that I’ve made for myself; I think I’m finally at peace with it.

1. a quiet night during mid shift at the hangar || 2. taking a break after a beach cleanup || 3. working with Al Jazeera English during an interview (topic at hand, the trials of the accused participants of 9/11 || 4. a flock of flamingos fly away during a boating trip || 5. a usual sunset at Guantanamo Bay

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